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Holiday Greeting - Acts of courage: Martin Luther King, Jr.

| January 14, 2016

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a complex man who took an unconventional approach to a difficult problem. He used non-violent protests to focus attention on civil rights in the United States. While he fought the status quo, he encouraged other Americans, who believed in civil rights for all people, to have the courage of their convictions.

The blog pointed out:1

“Dr. King was unusual because he was not a single-issue zealot. He saw civil rights for African Americans as intimately connected with civil rights and human rights for all people. He saw a connection between civil rights and economic justice. (“What good is having the right to sit at a lunch counter if you can’t afford to buy a hamburger?”) He saw the connection between civil rights, economic rights, and foreign policy. Dr. King had the audacity to oppose the Vietnam War even though its main proponent, President Johnson, was a chief ally in the civil rights struggle.”

In many ways, Dr. King was a role model. He remained true to his beliefs and encouraged others to remain true to theirs – even when changing horses might have curried favor.

We, too, have the courage of our convictions. It’s the reason we adhere to a disciplined investment process. We monitor economic and market developments closely, but we do not let the noise of day-to-day events determine our actions. If you have any questions about our process, please give us a call.

The above material was prepared by Peak Advisor Alliance.