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Our Process

In order to retire with confidence you must establish a clear direction for your financial future.  It begins with defining your goals and objectives and a thorough understanding of your current position.  You must then establish a plan to pursue financial independence and identify the best process for implementation.  Once your plan is set in motion it must be flexible enough to adapt to the changing environment.


  • Prepare your confidential profile
  • Take a current financial snapshot
  • Assess all guaranteed retirement cash flow sources
  • Establish your risk tolerance
  • Address any potential special needs
  • Review all of your financial concerns
  • Evaluate client/advisor compatibility for life long client relationship


  • Identify strategies to pursue your retirement goals
  • Address the probability of success
  • Determine appropriate investment allocation
  • Target specific investments
  • Screen and select third party money managers
  • Conduct an interactive planning session with client
  • Present the plan for approval 


  • Implement the plan
  • Involve other professionals as needed (CPA, Attorney, Banker, Insurance Specialist, etc.)
  • Purchase investments according to approved investment plan


  • Monitor all investments with an eye on market conditions
  • Make any ongoing adjustments to the portfolio as needed
  • Introduce new opportunities as they arise
  • Hold meetings semi-annually to review and adjust the plan
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate